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Data Transfer or Backup

Do you need your data, email, photos, music and documents on your new computer? Our transfer service is FREE with any new computer, or if you didn’t get your PC from us we can come to your house and backup your entire computer for $125. This includes putting any data you choose onto your new computer.

Putting data onto DVD or External Hard drive can be added at the cost of the DVD or Hard Drive. Call us for more prices and to give you a quote based on your needs.

Install hi speed internet

High Speed Internet can actually be cheaper than dialup. There is no need for a second phone line and every computer in the house can use the same connection!

All you need is our service to connect your computers through a network. Now only $99! If you only have one computer and want to get set up on the Broadband Highway, we can come to your house and install your DSL or Cable Internet for $79.

Of course we still offer help on getting you online through dialup too.