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Community Outreach!!
Our Harry Potter Extravaganza


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PC Focus brings Harry Potter to the Festival of Trees.

Festival of Trees, a large fundraiser for Primary Children's Medical Center was the pick this year for Community outreach. 

PC Focus donated one of over 700 large trees that were auctioned off Tuesday November 28th to raise money for the Hospital. The trees were displayed to the public at a small admission Wednesday through Saturday to bring in further proceeds.

PC Focus chose the theme of Harry Potter for their tree and display. The display includes a 9 foot tree a 5X4 foot castle and the grounds of Hogwarts (the name of the castle).

First the display was built….

Doesn’t it look great?

  Click on pictures for Larger View

 -  The Hogwarts Castle

      - Outside 

      - Inside 

 - The Forbidden Forest 

 - Tree With Ornaments

 More Pictures